herb Stargardu Szczecińskiego
Flag of Stargard
flaga Stargardu Szczecińskiego

Stargard (German: Stargard in Pommern, Stargard an der Ihna, Lat. Stargardia)
- city and municipality in Western Pomerania, in the district of Stargard, the Plains
Pyrzyce-Stargard, of Ina, the third urban center in the region (in terms of population).
In the years 1975-1998 the town administratively belonged to the province of Szczecin.
The beginnings of permanent human settlements date back to the sixth century, is one of the oldest Polish cities.
The oldest (next to Szczecin) town in Pomerania - received city rights in the 1243rd
Development of the settlement favored location on intersecting trade routes,
leading from Santok to Wolin and from Szczecin to Kolobrzeg.
An important transport hub and industrial center, service and culture.
The city is the county seat of Stargard and municipalities. Along with Szczecin,
Świnoujście, Policami, Goleniów and Gryfina creates agglomeration Szczecin.
It is the third city in terms of population in the province and 56 Poland].

According to data from 30 June 2009 the city population of 69 951 inhabitants.

Basic information:
Poland - County Westmeath - County stargardzki
Municipality Stargard
Founded in the ninth century
Municipal law: June 24, 1243
City Mayor Slawomir Pajor
Area 48.08 km square
Height 20 m above sea-level
Population (2009)
- number (2010): 70 566, including women: 36,639, while men: 33,927 - the data from the CSO.
- Density: 1,454.9 persons per square kilometer
- agglomeration of Szczecin (721 861)
Phone number zone +48 91
ZIP Code 73-100 to 73-110
License plates ZST

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